What is it?

Zotero is a Firefox extension online research tool.  It catalogs, organizes online sources, syncs them across computers, the World Wide Web and helps the user cite the sources.

Key Features
  • Automatically capture citations
  • Organize collections with tags
  • Cite from within Word or Neo/OpenOffice
  • Access your library from anywhere
How does it work?

After downloading and installing the extension to the browser, the user can search for online sources.  When a website has citable information an icon appears in the browsers address bar.  Clicking this icon will import the information into Zotero.  zotero can also capture web pages and PDF documents.  After the information is collected, the user can edit and organize the information with tags and/or in collections. 

Things to consider

Zotero is available for the Firefox, Netscape 9.0 or Flock browsers.  It is not compatible with the Internet Explorer browser.

Uses as an Instructional Technology

This is a very effective tool to collect, organize and cite online sources.  As more and more students reseach on the World Wide Web, Zotero provides them a means of properly citing the sources they find.

Resources at Wooster

If you have questions about using Zotero, please contact your Instructional Technology liaison.

You can read more about Zotero in a publication from Edcause, called ELI 7 things you should know about Zotero.