What is it?

Youtube is part video hosting service and part social networking website.  It is a place where individuals and groups can upload videos for others to view and comment about. When a user creates a Youtube account he or she is given a Youtube channel. The user can upload videos to their channel, others can view the videos, and comment on them. If the viewer has a Youtube account, he or she can subscribe to the user’s channel.

Key Features
  • Free service
  • Easily upload videos
  • Connect with and comment on friends videos.
Who Uses It?

Many people use Youtube.  Many of the videos are just for fun and some are video journals. Others are videos  created by people aspiring to be movie producers and directors.  Schools and individual classes are creating their own channels and posting videos of student or class projects.

How Does It Work?

A user creates an account and is given a channel.  The user then uploads videos to the channel.  He or she can determine if the videos will be open to the public or only to a select group of people or friends.  As the user views videos he or she can “favorite” them and they are added to the user’s profile.  Favorited videos can be organized into a playlist.

Things To Consider Before Using Youtube

As with any web service, the user is at the mercy of Youtube to continue to keep the content available.  If Youtube was to change its service, any links to, and content itself may not be available.

Be careful of the content you post.  Unless the material has been produced by you, it may be under copyright.

Uses As An Instructional Technology

Creating and posting videos can serve as an assessment tool or culminating reflection of a project.

Video blogging/journaling can provide students an opportunity for self-reflection on a project or class experience.

Posting videos publicly allows the user to get feedback from a wide audience.  This provides the user with the experience of learning how to deal with positive and negative criticism.

Resources At Wooster

If you are interested in setting up a Youtube account or channel for your project or class, you can contact your Instructional Technology liaison.

The following link is to a document distributed by Educause called,Seven Things You Need To Know About Youtube.