is Wooster’s implementation of the Moodle learning management system. Faculty can use woodle to post readings, create discussion boards, collect assignments electronically, administer quizzes, and conduct a host of other learning activities. The system itself is designed around a “social constructionist pedagogy” and as such provides a great environment for students to construct new knowledge for themselves and to construct things for their peers to experience.

woodle is currently in it’s third year of adoption and has about 50% of the faculty using it in some fashion. In the past year we have upgraded to the latest version and added a number of new features. It is now possible to create YouTube playlists using the YouTube block, faculty can allow draft submissions and provide draft feedback using the Advanced Upload assignment, and faculty are able to rearrange elements of their course by dragging-and-dropping. These are in addition to the features which have always been available: live chats, quizzing, peer reviewed writing assignments, threaded discussions, and online assignment submission.

Another feature that has been greatly enhanced is the gradebook. It is now possible to add assignments to the gradebook without having to create an assignment in the course. It is possible to categorize and then weight assignments in a number of different ways. The new gradebook also has support for learning outcomes which faculty might find useful for program assessment. If instructors are interested in taking advantage of these new features they should contact their department liaison to schedule a time for consultation.