Voices: WordPress at Wooster

What is Voices?

The College hosts a WordPress multi-site installation where faculty and students can create sites. Users can select from a variety of themes including those intended for websites or blogging. Faculty have the option to create a course site and can add students as users with varying degrees of permissions (editor vs. viewer).

See our Voices how-to documentation.

Server URL

The current Voices server is available now at https://voices.wooster.edu.

The previous Voices server was setup in the summer of 2009 and over the years had accumulated a number of accounts and sites that were no longer used. Since the WordPress platform did not have a simple way to remove unused accounts or sites in bulk, Ed Tech and Tech Services established a new server in August 2017 and encouraged faculty and students to move sites that they wanted to continue to use to the new server.

Create an account

Faculty and students can create an account on http://voices.wooster.edu.
You can either:

  • register (recommended for students – you can pick a username and password that will not be connected with your Wooster username and password. For more information visit the wiki) or
  • just log in with your Wooster username and password (your username and password will always be the same as your Wooster username and password)

Create a site

If you had a site on the original Voices (e.g., history.voices.wooster.edu), we recommend giving your new site the same URL.

  • If you register, you will have the option to create a site as part of the registration process.
  • If you create your account just by logging in with your Wooster username and password, then you will need to use the My Account menu in the upper right corner to create a site (the Sites menu item and Create a site option).

For documentation, please visit the Blogging for Teaching wiki page.