When Bad Video Happens to Good Professors workshop

Learn about using iMovie and tips for creating a successful video assignment.

This informal session will afford lots of opportunities for faculty to ask questions and have hands-on practice.

Registration is appreciated. Visit our Events page.

Workshop Resource Files


  1. Getting Started
    1. Why use video in the classroom?
      1. Use of digital storytelling represent broad ways in which individuals can utilize images, video, audio, and more to develop a multisensory environment to promote a unique experience for learning.
      2. Digital literacy and responsible digital citizens
    2. What types of projects?
      1. Digital essay- short visual communication piece that reflects author engagement with audience
      2. Documentary- short or long pieces that engages with a subject with the intent to document it for its audience
      3. Digital story-includes a combination of the following: text, audio, images, and more to covey a story through media means
    3. Educational Technology and Scaffolding

2. Basics of Creating Video and Downloading

  1. Shooting video
    • Camera, tripod, smartphone, tablet
  2. Scenes, noise, and lighting
  3. Downloading

3. iMovie Interface and Editing

Media > Photos and iMovie Libraries

  • Projects
    1. iMovie file structure and backup (iMovie Library on external drive or multiple libraries)
    2. Importing video clips
    3. File-based camera
    4. Computer

4. Example Student Project

5. Educational Technology Resources (iMovie workshop) and Tour Digital Studio