Unity Game Development

The Unity Game Development series is designed to introduce attendees to Unity. Attendees will create a simple, platformer-like game to learn Unity’s concepts. By the end of the series, attendees should have a single ‘level,’ in which they can jump around collecting objects and avoiding death. Register for the event.

Unity will be available on the lab computers in Taylor 205 or can be downloaded at unity3d.com

Session I Agenda

By the end of this session, attendees will

  1. Have an idea of the scope of Unity (what sort of projects it can create)
  2. Be able to navigate the Unity user interface
  3. Understand what a gameobject is
  4. Feel confident placing gameobjects into a scene and manipulating their location, scale, and rotation

Session Outline:

  • Exploring the Scope of Unity
  • Setting Up a Project
  • Introducing Scenes
  • Introducing Game Objects and Tags
  • Importing Prefabs and Managing Assets
  • Manipulating Game Objects
  • Introducing Object Hierarchy
  • Importing Standard Camera Package
  • Moving Camera

Session II Agenda

By the end of this session, attendees

  1. Understand the concept of colliders
  2. Complete a platform like obstacle course
  3. Use a first-person character controller to navigate it
  4. Creating death objects

Session Outline:

  • Creating Objects
    • Squares
    • Planes
    • Spheres
  • Creating Player
  • Collisions
  • Death Planes
  • Death Spheres
  • Lighting
    • Ambient Lighting
    • Pixel Lighting
  • Parent-Object Hierarchy