Tableau workshop

Tableau is an interactive data visualization software. Tableau Desktop software is available to faculty and students for free.

For an overview of features, visit the Tableau Desktop website.

For more training resources, check out Tableau’s on-demand videos and their Forum.


Sample data (password required) for use during the workshop


The Basics

  1. What can Tableau do for you?
  2. How to import data
  3. Data interpreter: What is it and what does it do?
  4. How to assign an alias
  5. Years and other icons: What they mean and how they work

Visualizing Data: Graphs, charts, bubbles, and more

  1. Best visual practices
  2. Dimensions and measures
  3. Using the marks and filter cards
  4. Making your visual


  1. How to create a map
  2. Generated latitude/longitude
  3. Using the marks card with the map function


  1. How to use a storyboard to show all of your data

Tableau Public

  1. See visuals others have created
  2. How to upload your visuals to Tableau Public

Tableau Forum

  1. Use the Tableau Forum to find answers to questions you have