SMART Notebook

What Is It?

SMART Notebook is a presentation tool similar to Power Point or Keynote. It is designed for use with a SMART Technologies Sympodium or Smartboard but can be used on any Macintosh or Windows computer. It is an incredibly flexible tool for annotation, manipulation and capture of on-screen objects. SMART Notebook allows user to easily reuse drawings, text, images and video in an “on the fly” manner.

Key features
  • Powerful annotation tools.
  • “On the fly” resizing, grouping and advanced manipulation of images, texts, drawing and video
  • Galleries for reuse of commonly used presentation elements
  • Simple incorporation of elements from various sources.
Who Uses It?

SMART Notebook is widely used by educators around the world and by other professionals who need precise presentation and annotation capabilities.

How does it work?

SMART Notebook is launched just like any other presentation tool. It is at its best when used with a Sympodium or SMART Board with SMART Pens and touch screens. The slide show displayed on screen can be annotated by the instructor and media from outside the application can be captured and imported or dragged into each slide. Objects in a slide can be manipulated in a variety of ways. Slide shows can be exported as PDF’s, image files or web pages for distribution.

Things To Consider Before Using SMART Notebook

SMART Notebook strength comes in its annotation and manipulation capabilities. If you don’t have need for annotation or manipulation, you may prefer to use other presentation technologies.

SMART Notebook is a unique application and takes a little bit of practice. Before using it in class it is recommended that you experiment with it first.

Uses as an Instructional Technology

  • For class presentations by students and instructors
  • To annotate and manipulate on-screen objects

Resources at Wooster

  • SMART Notebook is available for use in a handful of classrooms with a Sympodium or Smartboard.
  • SMART Notebook is available as a free download with a SMART product key. If you wish to experiment with SMART Notebook, please contact a member of Instructional Technology for a product key.
  • Support for incorporating SMART Notebook into your classroom presentations is offered by Instructional Technology.
  • Smart Notebook Documentation

The content on this page was derived from webpages maintained by the Duke University Center for Instructional Technology