Select Survey

What is it?

Select Survey is a web-hosted survey software application similar to Survey Monkey.  It allows the user to create forms and surveys for data collection.

Key features
  • Accessibility: the user can log in to the service from any computer with internet access.
  • Portability: Export data to CSV format, allowing the user to export from Select Survey into an Excel document.
  • Efficiency: Once a user has created a survey or created a bank of questions, he or she can create new surveys from the question bank or from prior surveys, making the creation of new surveys that much faster.
How does it work?

The user must first have a user account created before they can log in to the survey software.  For faculty interested in using the software, please contact your Instructional Technology liaison. For students interested in using the service, please contact Instructructional Technology.

Things to consider

While fairly easy to setup and use, there is a bit of a learning curve when attempting some of the application’s more powerful functions such as branching and page conditions.

Uses as an Instructional Technology

Select Survey is designed as a data collection tool.  A user might collect information from a group of people as part of a study or create a survey to collect data on ongoing use of a service or space.  This application could also be used to collect and catalog data and metadata of research sources.

Resources at Wooster

If you would like more information about Select survey you may investigate the training manual created by Class Apps, or the Select Survey User Manual.  If you have questions about using the software please contact your Instructional Technology liaison.