Student Digital Media Assistants

Masha Berman, Digital Media Assistant

Masha Berman

Masha is a Physiology major and Anthropology minor at the college. She works at the Digital Media Bar (helping students with media projects) and Key’s and ID’s (programming keys). On my free time I like to hang out with friends and go to the gym.

Katherine Colman, Digital Media Associate

Katherine Colman

Henry DeGrand, Digital Media Professor

Henry DeGrand

Henry is a Level 3 Student Technology Consultant who specializes in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, among other things. Since the beginning, Henry has had an endearing passion for the IT field, whether it be fixing printer jams, setting up wireless networks or switching peoples’ heads in Photoshop, all dating back to his days spent in Columbus, OH as a humble database analyst. Since then, Henry has branched out his interests to include audio editing, graphic design, videography, and whatever else catches his eye.

Claire Ilersich, Digital Media Assistant

Claire Ilersich

Claire Ilersich (Ill-er-sick) comes from the beautiful city of Cleveland, OH. She is an Art History and Philosophy double-major who is constantly rushing between Scovel and Ebert. When she’s not unlocking the secrets of art and the universe, she can be found working at the Digital Media Bar making bad jokes. She can help with Word, Pages, Photoshop, and more!

Sue Reon Kim, Digital Media Assistant

Yashasvi Lohia, Digital Media Associate

Yashasvi Lohia

Yash hails from New Delhi, India and is a Physics major. He can be found regularly roaming the halls of Taylor to find some unsuspecting victim to talk to about physics. For his non-academic pursuits, he enjoys watching bad movies with friends and playing the guitar. He can help you out with all kinds of media projects such as photo, audio, and video editing. Whether you need help designing logos/posters for your club or just want to learn how to switch peoples’ faces in a picture, Yash will do his best to help you out!

You can check out his digital media portfolio at

Samantha Lunsford, Digital Media Assistant

Samantha Lunsford

Samantha is from Atlanta, Georgia. She is a junior. There is a possibility that you might see her riding around campus on a giant Moto Bike. You might also find her either in Kauke or Severance. It honestly just depends on the day. When she is not anywhere else on campus, you can come visit her at the Digital Media Bar. She is there to help you all. You can catch Sam at a Comic Con near you!!

Huyen Nguyen, Digital Media Assistant

Huyen Nguyen

Huyen is a Biochemistry major and Math minor at the college. She really likes her job as student digital media assistant and she is willing to help you out if you have technical problems. She is familiar with Microsoft, Wordpress and Go Animate.

Saul Propp, Digital Media Professor

Can help with

Saul Propp

Saul is a member of the class of 2015 and a Physics/Philosophy double major. He works as a Level 3 Student Digital Media Technician Photoshop Specialist in the CoRE and enjoys computer games and playing in the snow (a newfound pleasure). Saul also sings bass in two A Capella groups: A Round of Monkeys and Merry Kween of Skotts. He is a graduate of  The Gary and Jerri-Ann Jacobs High Tech High in San Diego, California, his hometown, and a really terrible an OK surfer (finally learned!), and a devout questioner of paradigms, authority, and the nature of reality.

Adam Seligson, Digital Media Assistant

Adam Seligson

My name is Adam Seligson. I am a philosophy major and full time student at the College of Wooster. I pride myself in being able to think quickly and I love meeting new people. I’ve acted in a few shows at school, and I like to think of myself as akin in talent to Daniel-Day Lewis…. kidding. More like that kid from Troll 2. Anyways, I like playing guitar and piano, and I love listening to music as well. I’m pretty well versed in Garage Band, iMovie, Photoshop, Microsoft Word/Excel/Powerpoint, etc. This’ll be my last year here unfortunately, so if you have any ET issues come say hey!

Petr Wiese, Digital Media Assistant

Petr Wiese

Petr Wiese is from London Ontario Canada, and is a Junior Art major at the College of Wooster. Petr loves film and digital photography and he is the Vice-President of the Wooster Photography Club. When not at school he enjoys snowboarding and hiking. Petr can be found longboarding around campus or in the library working at the Digital Media Bar. Petr works in the ET department and is always ready to help you out with Adobe creative programs, Final Cut Pro X, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, ect. He will also be happy to teach you a few tricks in Photoshop CS6 or help you design a poster or edit images!