Professional Staff

Emily Armour, Educational Technologist: Learning & Pedagogy Applications Specialist

phone: 2242 |
Emily Armour

As an Educational Technologist Emily is responsible for advancing the use of technology for faculty, students, and staff. She assists faculty in identifying, selecting, and using educational and instructional technologies that complement their pedagogical approaches. Through workshops, classroom visits, and a team of Student Technology Assistants, Emily helps our students to develop abilities to critically assess, choose, and use technologies for developing and communicating knowledge and insight. Emily assesses technology education needs of staff and provides technology education and professional development opportunities for them.

Mike Benchoff, Educational Technologist: Systems & Applications Specialist

phone: 2671 |
Mike Benchoff

As an Educational Technology Specialist, Mike works with faculty, students, and staff to promote the effective use of technologies in support of teaching/research and learning, and directly developing applications using established technology platforms. Mike also plays a lead role in the management and development of the College’s WordPress installations, learning management system and modules, Office 365 collaboration tools, Confluence (wiki), and other enterprise educational applications. Mike can assist with adding specialized software applications to our lab and classroom computers and is available to provide 1-1 and small group training on our supported applications and equipment.

Jon Breitenbucher, Ph. D., Director

phone: 2207 |
Jon Breitenbucher, Ph. D.

Jon works with faculty to incorporate technology and/or innovative projects into their courses. His specialties include WordPress (including Voices, Spaces, and Discover), iMovie, Garageband, social media and course management technologies. Faculty thinking about redesigning a course or adding new projects to a course (including IS) are encouraged to schedule a meeting with Jon through his Doodle calendar.