What Is It?

PowerPoint is an application in the Microsoft Office suite for Macintosh and Windows. It can be used to combine text, pictures, audio, video, animations and Web links into slides that can be displayed as part of a lecture, presentation or training session. Used well, computer-based presentations can help to present instructional materials in a clear, organized format. PowerPoint presentations can be easily archived on a course Web space for review. They can also be used to generate slides for flashcard applications, and they can be combined with audio narration to provide a self-contained lecture or instructional module for review by students outside of class or in the online setting.

Key Features
  • Built-in templates to create slides in a variety of different formats (e.g. title slide, slide with text and image, etc.)
  • Options to include visuals such as photos, graphics and charts as well as digital audio and video
  • Multiple settings for display of slide content during slide shows
  • Possibility of exporting slides to image files that can be used to create flashcards in iPod format
Who Uses It?

PowerPoint and similar presentation tools are widely used in business and educational settings. Instructors and students alike use them for class presentations and lectures, and PowerPoint slides are also used regularly to provide an outline for training sessions and focus groups.

How Does It Work?

Set up on the computer; projection out to an external display so others can see what’s on the scren.

Things to consider before using PowerPoint

Before uploading PowerPoint files to a course Web space, it is important to make sure that any digital audio or video included in the presentation gets uploaded as well as part of the file.

Uses as an Instructional Technology

  • For class presentations by students and instructors
  • To prepare flashcard and other review materials
  • To create narrated content summaries for longer lectures and units

Resources at Wooster

  • Power Point is available for use in all computer labs and classrooms on campus.
  • Support for incorporating multimedia into Power Point and the creation of Power Point presentations is offered by Instructional Technology.
  • Click here for documentation on adding multimedia content to a Power Point presentation.

The content on this page was derived from webpages maintained by the Duke University Center for Instructional Technology