The Road Less Traveled: An Exploration of Moodle Features workshop

Educational Technology is hosting a workshop for faculty using Moodle for 2nd semester including quizzes, forums, and assignment grading features – learn about Moodle features you may not have used and get help with using them.

This informal session will afford lots of opportunities for faculty to ask questions and have hands-on engagement.

Registration is appreciated. Visit our Events page.


General Overview

  1. Moodle interface and course settings
  2. Import course materials
  3. Test users (enroll in your course as Student Observer)


  1. Assignments
    1. Space to allow students to submit work that faculty can grade and give feedback on
  2. Quizzes
    1. Creating quizzes, settings, and features
    2. Question types
    3. Add and edit questions
    4. Import questions (GIFT and other formats)
      1. Gift Practice Resource Files
        1. GIFT Format Quiz Questions
        2. Gift Practice Quiz
        3. Gift Practice Quiz Text File
        4. Moodle Cloze and GIFT Code Generator (1)
    5. Question bank
  3.  Forums (discussion boards)
    1. Collaborative space for faculty and students to exchange ideas through “threads”
    2. Forum activity
    3. Moodlerooms forum (private reply)
  4.  Hp5
    1. Interactive content useful for memory tasks and critical thinking
  5.  Hoonuit
    1. College software that features training and other materials

Grades and grading features

  1. Gradebook
  2. Grading Assignments
    1. Rubrics

Help and Assistance

  1. Moodle support through Educational Technology
  2. Moodle Docs available through Moodle