Microsoft Surfaces Studios

The Surface Studio is a 28 inch touch screen desktop powered by Windows 10. This computer comes with not only a wireless mouse and keyboard, but also a stylus. Throw in the ability to adjust the laptop into a drawing table position, the desktop turns into a digital artist’s canvas. The College of Wooster has them available in Andrews Library on the 1st floor near the CoRE, across from the Digital Media Bar.

Drawing on the Screen

With the Surface Pen, users can draw directly onto the screen like many higher end drawing tablets. It is designed to feel like users are drawing on paper by reading and generating realistic weight differences in lines, shading, and pressure.

Microsoft Surface laptop on a wooden surface with a black and white illustration and a hand holding the Surface Pen.

A Digital Drawing Table

Lay the screen down into “Studio Mode” and have the same experience of using a drawing table on the Surface. Users will have an easier time with digital drawing with the screen in this familiar position. This makes the transition from paper to screen easier for beginners to digital arts. Just pull on the screen toward you and it will fall into a flatter angle as seen in the picture below on the far left.

4 Microsoft Surfaces in line. From left to right, one at a 45 degree angle, another at a 80 degree angle, more upright, and complete upright.

Large Selection of Creative Programs 

The College provides the campus with the entire Adobe Creative Suite and Sketchbook for creative projects. Check out a Surface pen from the circulation desk and users can start drawing their next presentation or poster on these professional programs. Educational Technology Student Assistants are available to help or provide advice for digital media projects at the Digital Media Bar across from the Surface Studios.