Microsoft Forms workshop

With Microsoft Forms, you can create surveys, quizzes, and polls that feature text, pictures and video. Others can respond using any web browser, even on mobile devices. As results are submitted, you can use built-in analytics to evaluate responses. Form data, such as quiz results, can be easily exported to Excel for additional analysis or grading. You can invite collaborators to view or edit the form and the results.

Microsoft Forms is available through our College Office 365 account.

Visit Microsoft’s support:


  1. Please respond to My First Form.
    • You will be prompted to log in to Office 365 with your College credentials.
  2. Here is a sample form with various question types for you to save to your Forms.

Create a form

  1. Under My Forms, select New Form.
  2. Enter a name for your form. You can also enter an optional subtitle for it.
  3. Select Add Question to add a new question to a form or quiz.
  4. Click to choose to add ChoiceTextRatingDate, Ranking, Likert, or Net Promoter Score
  5. Select Preview at the top of the design window to see how your form will look on a computer or mobile device.
  6. Edit questions at any time by clicking a question in the Questions tab.
    • Copy a question
    • Delete a question
    • Reorder questions
    • Require a response
    • Enable a subtitle (instructions?)
    • Shuffle options
  7. Updates save automatically.

Send a form to respondents

1. Open the form you want to send
2. Select Share in the upper right corner.
3. Under “Send and collect responses”:
4.  Authentication

  • Only people in my organization can respond
  • Anyone with the link can respond
    • the response is anonymous
    • if you want to collect identifying information, you would need to add a question(s) for respondents to enter their names

5.   Send a form link to others

  • Link
  • QR code (print material, large presentation)
  • Embed
  • Mail (this will launch default email client software on the computer)

View form results

On the Responses tab

  • Summary of form (# of responses, average time to complete, active status)
  • Summary of each question (scroll down)
  • Click “View Results” button to see individual respondents’ entries
  • Open in Excel

Share forms


You can create and share a link to allow others to collaborate on a survey or quiz with you.
Go Share > Get a link to view and edit


You can create and share a link to allow others to reuse surveys or quizzes you have created.
Go Share > Get a link to duplicate

Share form results with others

  • Download the Excel file (one time snapshot of results)
  • Share the Excel file online in Office 365 *** Must create the form from Excel online ***

Copy your own form

At the main Forms screen under either “My forms” or “Shared with me”
click > Copy

Advanced form features

In the upper right corner menu, click

  1. Branching
  2. Settings
  • Who can fill out this form
  • Options for responses
  • Accept responses (or close)
  • Dates
  • Shuffle
  • Email notification