Microsoft Excel Basics for staff


(may be covered in two sessions)

Excel 2016 Quick Start (Microsoft Support)

Basic Tasks in Excel (Microsoft Support)

  1. Tour of layout: task bar, formula bar, worksheet
  2. Define terms: cells, column, row, workbook, worksheet, active cell
  3. Entering data
    • Cell reference
    • Moving around in the worksheet: enter key, tab key, arrow keys
    • Editing data: making a change, replacing data, deleting data
    • Copy and paste
    • Fill
    • Drag and drop cells
    • Hide columns or rows
  4. Appearance
    • Resize column width or row height
    • Formatting cells
    • Labels – format text (bold, size), text wrap
    • Merge cells, border, fill color
  5. Sorting data
  6. Calculations with formulas
  7. Creating a chart
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Excel 2016

Which version of Excel? Office 2016 is available for download for Windows and Mac

Excel 2016

New features in Excel 2016 for Mac

Office 365

How to create Charts/Tables

Creating charts and tables from data