Learn about Course Management at Wooster

Wooster offers two options that allow faculty to manage their courses: Moodle (our course management system) and Voices (our WordPress Multisite instance). Which of these options is best for you depends on your goals for the course and what activities you plan on having your students do.

Moodle: This is our traditional learning management system. If you have used Blackboard, Angel, or WebCT in the past then this will be similar to those systems. All courses in ScotWeb are automatically created in Moodle and have their enrollments automatically synced every evening.

Voices: This is our WordPress Multisite installation. It affords users the most flexibility in controlling the look of their content and is extremely customizable through the use of plugins and site templates.

Below is a table identifying some course management tasks and the degree to which each system supports the task.

QuizzingReadings/ArticlesCollaborative notesElectronic AssignmentsGradebookPublic/PrivateLook & FeelAttendanceAnalytic Graphs of Site Activity
Moodle Yes Yes (two clicks) Yes (a little confusing) Yes Yes Private Limited controlYesYes
Voices  No    Yes (two clicks)    Yes    No  No    Both  Lots of control No No