I.S. Support

With more students integrating technology into their I.S., Instructional Technology has put in place a number of support systems. Students are always able to seek help from our Digital Media Assistants in the CoRE. For more specialized help students can take advantage of the following:

Creating your I.S.

Schedule an individual consultation with an Educational Technologist.


Designing print posters (a collaborative workshop with the Writing Center and Publications office)

Learn what information to include, the style rules for an appealing poster, and how to bring your poster to life using one of a handful of applications. (usually held the two weeks following I.S. Monday)

Designing digital posters

Learn how to create interactive digital posters.

Presenting your research

Using technology for effective presentations.

Examples of projects in which we have provided support

Jacob Dinkelaker

Cathy Trainor

  • Training and support in the use of Final Cut Pro
  • Editing equipment
  • Filming equipment