Have my students create a “podcast” or audio recording.

Podcasting and audio recording can be a great tool in any classroom. Creating a podcast can afford the student a chance to evaluate and synthesize the information he or she has learned in a particular project. Podcasting provides the instructor the opportunity for assessment. Podcasting can also be used to extend the learning time outside of the classroom.  Podcasts can be audio based (podcast) or video based (vodcast).


Podcasting/audio recording as an assessment tool: Having students create an audo recording of themselves speaking a foreign language or reading selection, allows the instructor to assess the student’s grasp of the material and assess the pronunciation of the text.

Podcasting as an extension of class time: The instructor can create “podcasts” expanding a discussion point in class, or presenting some material for the student to react and respond.

Podcasting for higher order thinking: Having students create a podcast of a particular experience or event allows the student to analyze, sythesize and evaluate the experience.  An example of this would be recording an interview and adding analysis and reaction to the recording and then presenting this to the class or instructor.

Podcasting as an instructional aid: You can create a podcast as a tutorial.  This can be done in either video or audio format.  An examples of this is creating a “how to” tutorial demonstrating a particular skill.


There are two three software applications that you can use to create a podcast.  The first two, Audacity and GarageBand, are for creating audio podcasts.  The third, Screenflow, is for creating video podcasts or “vodcasts”.

The digital MEDIA lab, Taylor 205, has each of these software applications and staff that can assist you in creating your project.  There is also a sound booth located in the lab, providing a quiet place for you to record your audio and/or video.

For instructions on how to use each of the applications mentioned in this article you can visit: IT Documentation

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