Google Docs

What is it?

Google Docs is a Google application that allows you to create and collaborate on documents, slide presentations, spreadsheets and forms. Google Docs allows you to collaborate with friends and colleagues. Any document can be opened to people you invite to the document. This cuts down on the number of versions of a document by linking to a document, rather than sending out multiple copies of a document to fellow collaborators.

How does it work?

Once you have created or uploaded a document to your Google Docs page, you can invite your friends or colleagues to view and edit the document by selecting their email. A message is sent to them with a secure link to the document you created. They can then view and edit the document.

Google Docs in Plain English by Common Craft

Uses as an Instructional Technology

Google Docs is a great collaborative tool. You can use it for working on group projects and for sharing documents with others.

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