Final Cut Pro X workshop

Final Cut Pro is an Apple video editing software.

For more information about features, visit Apple’s website.


How to Upload Footage

  1. How to safely transfer footage
  2. Public media libraries
  3. Creating a new library
  4. Creating a new event


Moving Clips and Making Cuts

  1. Creating a new project
  2. Dragging and dropping clips
  3. Shortcut key/arrow keys
  4. Blade tool


Adding Effects

  1. How to add filters/color correction
  2. How to add transitions
  3. How to crop
  4. How to download YouTube videos/embed videos


Adding Music/ A & B Roll

  1. Where to find public commons music
  2. How to add to project
  3. How separate sound from clips
  4. The difference between A & B Roll


Saving and Exporting

  1. How to save a project
  2. Task manager
  3. How to export a project onto a computer/USB

For additional resources:

Download practice files