Film Studies Workshop

Mike, Emily and Jon got to show Dan Bourne, Jen Hayward, Deb Shostak, Margaret Ng, Jim Bonk, Greg Shaya, Rujie Wang, Peter Pozefsky, Ahmet Atay, Madonna Hettinger, Marion Duval, and Beth Muellner how to use iMovie to create a film out of the clips that they had shot using their iPhones. The faculty had organized themselves into four groups based around various themes and had been instructed earlier in the week by Dale Seeds and Bridget Milligan on lighting and shot composition. In preparation for the workshop, Educational Technology purchased microphones, lenses, and camera steadying equipment to turn an iPhone into a better video recording device. The equipment is now part of the pool of equipment faculty and students can checkout from IT for their class and research projects. Based on what we saw of the films, everyone had a great time and learned a lot.