Fall Woodle Information

This summer we have undertaken substantial improvements to woodle in order to increase speed and allow for greater file storage space.  This necessitated making a few changes to the system that impact how you use woodle.


1. Woodle Addresses:

There are now two addresses you need to know to access your current and archived courses:

ARCHIVED: http://woodle-0711.wooster.edu will display all archived course materials from 2007 to spring 2011.

CURRENT: http://woodle.wooster.edu will display current courses for the 2011-2012 academic year.   You will see the address automatically change to woodle-1112.wooster.edu but you can still enter woodle.wooster.edu in your address bar to get to the main login screen.  If you get an error message when loading woodle (certificate error) please adjust your url to http instead of https or click on the woodle link in the faculty/staff section of the College website.

In the future each academic year will have its own address.   Since we are not keeping multiple years on the same server space, you should see a noticeable increase in the speed of the system.  At all times you will have access to at least the last four years of courses.


Another great benefit of our improvements is that we are able to offer greater file size uploads for instructors: 100 megabytes compared to 20 megabytes.  This should accommodate most larger file sizes including large PowerPoints, images and audio files.




Because archived course content resides at a different address than your current courses, using materials from an archived course requires an extra step.   We have documented this process on the IT documentation wiki with both text instruction and an instructional video.


If, after reviewing the instructions, you are uncomfortable moving materials the instructional technology staff is happy to import archived materials into your current course for you.  This will require completing a form and will take a day or two to complete.



As of July 7th fall courses have been added to woodle allowing instructors to start adding material to their courses.  Please keep in mind that while all courses are created not all courses have instructor information associated with the course.  E.g. courses marked “STAFF” do not have any instructor associated with the course and will be inaccessible.  Because courses are synced with ScotWeb, please contact the Registrar’s office if you do not see all of your courses listed within woodle.


Your course roster has been automatically synced with your woodle course.  Please keep in mind that the official roster for your courses is Scotweb.  Woodle syncs with Scotweb each evening adding and removing students as reflected in official course enrollments.  If a student is not listed in woodle, please confirm that they are listed in your Scotweb roster.  If they are listed in Scotweb please wait 24 hours for the sync to occur.  If, after 24 hours, they are still not in your woodle course, please contact the User Services helpdesk at x4357 or it-request@wooster.edu .  If the students are not listed in Scotweb please contact the Registrar’s office at X2366 or registrar@wooster.edu .