Fall 2008 woodle Usage Report

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are rapidly becoming a near-ubiquitous feature in the technological landscape of higher academic institutions. By providing collaborative and pedagogical tools to instructors in a digital setting, instruction is more readily extended beyond the classroom by an LMS in that they provide access to materials and instruments anywhere that a student or teacher has access to a networked computer. In order to develop a better understanding of how The College of Wooster’s LMS, woodle, is being used, Instructional Technology completed a study of woodle usage on campus based on data available for the Fall 2008 semester.

Out of the three hundred and forty-two courses offered during the Fall 2008 semester, it was discovered  that one hundred and fifty-eight courses maintained a course page in woodle, resulting in a forty-six percent usage rate on campus. Findings in regard to typical course utilization reveal that the majority of woodle pages are used as a repository for course files, articles, and reading assignments while other woodle modules such as forums, wikis, and quizzes are used sparingly.

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