What is it?

Evernote is a note collection and organization tool.  Evernote allows you to collect text, image, and sound files and organize them to be able to recall them easily in the future.  Evernote is available for and accessible from the web, personal computer and smartphone (iPhone or Blackberry)

Key Features
  • Ability to collect information from many sources (PDF, text, images , sounds)
  • Capability to organize your information with tags.
  • Availability to access your infomation from the web, computer or mobile device
How does it work?

You can sign up for a free account which is limited to 40Mb of information per month.  (Paid service of $5/mo allow for up to 500Mb/month.)  Once you have sign up, you can download and install the Evernote plugin for Firefox or Safari.  You can copy and past into Evernote, but the plugin makes this process much easier.  If you would like to, you can download and install the Evernote desktop client which syncs with Evernote on the web.  if you desire, you can also download and install the Evernote app for iPhone or Blackberry.  This provides the user the capability to capture, sync and search via his or her mobile device.

Uses as an Instructional Technology

You could use Evernote as a means of collecting and organizing information for a research or writing project.

You can use Evernote as a text/idea pad.  Add text notes where ever you are and the information will sync with the web, computer and mobile device.

Resources at Wooster

If you have questions about Evernote please feel free to contact your Instructional Technology liaison.

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