What Is It? is a free blog hosting service based on the WordPress blogging software.

Who Uses It?

The service is for faculty and students.

How Does It Work?

Signing up for an account on takes all of 20 seconds. Once you register you’ll get a confirmation e-mail and then you are on your way. Clicking on Write a new post or Write a new page will take you to a page where you can enter the Title, Content, Tags, and Categories for the post. The interface is very similar to Microsoft Word and other text editing programs. Clicking Publish will make your post visible to the world.

Instructional Technology Uses

Create a class publication

Do you remember the good old days of class newspapers? Well, they just got a lot easier with your Edublog – you can add students as contributors, authors and even editors in order to produce a custom designed, finely tuned and engaging collaborative online publication by your class.

Get feedback

There’s nothing that says you can’t allow anonymous commenting on a blog (although you’re also entirely within your rights to put all comments through moderation!) but why not think about using a blog as a place for students – and even parents, to air issues, leave feedback or generally tell you how great you are.

Integrate multimedia of all descriptions

With a couple of clicks you can embed online video, multimedia presentations, slideshows and more into your edublog and mix it up with your text and static resources. No cds required, no coding necessary – just select the video, podcasts or slidecast you’d like to use and whack it in your blog to illustrate, engage and improve your teaching toolbox.

Post materials and resources

The web is a fantastic tool when it comes to distributing resources – all you have to do on your Edublog is upload, or copy and paste, your materials to your blog and they’ll be instantly accessible by your student from school and from home. What’s more, you can easily manage who gets to access them through password and plugin safety measures.

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