Dictate with your voice in Word and OneNote online

Use Microsoft’s Dictate tool for speech to text right within Word online or OneNote online. Just be certain you have a microphone input to your computer and log in to your College Office 365 account with a supported browser:

  • On a Mac: use Chrome or Firefox browser (not Safari) 
  • On Windows: use Edge, Chrome, or Firefox browser (not Internet Explorer) 
  1. Log in to your College Office 365 account 
  2. Open a Word Online document or OneNote Online page
  3. Go to the Home tab > Dictate
  4. Speak
    • You can add punctuation by saying the word: period, comma, new line, open quote.

See Microsoft’s Dictate support article for more details.

image of Word online with arrow pointing to Dictate button.
Word online with Dictate

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