Create a “green” classroom

Go paperless

With stacks and stacks of paper on your desk, in bulging folders – waiting to be read and returned to your students, going paperless just might help your sanity along with helping the environment.

  • Make all of your course materials available online including your syllabus.  Avoid handing out any papers that can be posted online.  Moodle provides an easy way to post materials.
  • Take advantage of the “Scan to E-mail” feature on campus copiers which will send a PDF of a document to your campus E-mail address.  For more information contact the Help Desk.
  • Use Moodle’s assignment feature – instructors can create assignments in Moodle where students can submit electronic versions of their assignments.  Moodle assignments will also automatically create gradebook entries.
  • Try using a tablet. They offer the advantage of using a pen display.  It may not be just like writing on a paper – but you can still markup assignments in your own handwriting and send them back to students in a PDF.
  • Find textbooks with electronic versions available. Encourage your students to purchase the E-book rather than the hardcopy. The production and delivery of textbooks involves large amount of carbon emissions.
  • Use a laptop instead of a desktop computer – studies have shown that laptops use considerably less energy than traditional desktop computers.
  • If you do need to print, consider printing double sided on our campus printers.