Crafting a Successful Tech Project

Below you will find some links to various resources to help you to get started to think about how to craft a successful tech project in your classroom. If you are interested in pursuing a tech project, please reach out to a staff member of Educational Technology so we can assist you in the implementation of the project or assignment.

Tips and Reminders

  • Define project objectives early (ie. when you are creating your syllabus)
  • Define discipline objectives versus course objectives for the students
  • Specify which particular types of technologies and tools
  • Acknowledge these projects require work for both faculty and students
  • Clearly outline the project and its goals in how it meets the objectives
  • Define and present to students a clear outline of the project assessment
  • Keep it simple (ie. one major project vs two). Don’t try to do too much.


  • Establish clear guidelines for the assessment of the project based on both content and technology
  • Refrain from placing a higher emphasis on the technology as part of the grade versus the learning experience
  • Share the assessment guidelines/rubric with students at the beginning of the projects

Roadmap for Success

Five blue boxes with five blue arrows to show steps in a process for technology projects.
Steps for Success


On Campus

Educational Technology Staff, 4th Floor of Morgan:

Andrews Library

  • Jacob Heil, Digital Scholarship Librarian and Director of CoRE,
  • Digital Studio and Production Planning Studio
  • Digital Media Bar

Digital Project Plan template

Projects in a Box

 Loaner Pool of Equipment