What is it?

Atlassian Confluence is The College of Wooster’s Pilot Enterprise (campus-wide) wiki. Although Confluence is technically a wiki, we like to think of it as a complete communications solution. In addition to providing wiki functionality, Confluence has the ability to send emails when pages are updated, create custom RSS feeds, attach files, images and spreadsheets. Through the use of plugins and macros Confluence can import and edit Microsoft Word files, create checklists, and even appear like a “normal” Web site.

Confluence’s Sales Demo Video

Key Features

Ability to edit web pages with just one click restrict pages and wiki space to Wooster user groups such as faculty, staff, classes or committees

Who uses it?

Confluence is described as the world’s most popular enterprise wiki. Colleges and Universities such as Duke, Brown, and Williams are using the software. Confluence is also used at major corporations like IBM, Bank of America and Ford.

How does it work?
  • Wiki pages can only be edited by people with a Wooster Network ID.
  • The pages are viewable by anyone, even people who are not affiliated with Wooster or the wiki pages can be made restrictive and viewable only by particular Wooster affiliates (Faculty, Staff, Students, Alumni).
Things to consider before using Confluence:
  • At this time Confluence is only a Pilot. General release to the campus is expected in Spring 2009.  If you are interested in using Confluence for your class please contact your Liaison.
  • It may take some time for your class to feel comfortable editing each other’s work.

Uses as an Instructional Technology:

  • Group research projects
  • Class projects (such as collaborative Web sites)
  • Administrative groups that need collaborative space to create and revise information together, or to manage Word, Excel, PDF and other documents.
  • Course Web site Shared Resources

Resources at The College of Wooster

Wooster Wiki Documentation