Concept Mapping

Electronic concept mapping tools

1. Lucidchart

Free account (3 maps) – can use Office 365 login (College credentials) and with .edu email can request a free education license.

Lucidchart’s article on ‘what is a concept map’ with commentary on the research plus links to creating a concept map in other applications (Word, PowerPoint, Google).

You can share electronically, use plug-ins to embed in Word, PowerPoint, etc., download a PDF (or other file types).

Getting Started Guide

2. Mindmeister

Free online (browser) and apps for iOS and Android (up to 3 mind maps for free)

Features include sharing, publishing to web, presentations (cannot print or save as PDF from free account – use screen capture?)

Basics Guide


1. OneNote

Wooster 365 users can access for free on computers or mobile devices.

Drawing is easier/better on a tablet or touchscreen; tools include shapes, lines, pens/drawing tools.

Get started using OneNote

2. Adobe Illustrator Draw

Adobe products are expensive. This Draw app for mobile devices is free.

sketchnoting and visual notetaking examples