What is it? Flickr is currently the most popular online community/repository for photographs that encourages the sort of social dynamics characteristic of Web 2.0 sites. Open to anyone and free to use, Flickr allows users to upload, organize, and edit photos that are then available for viewing by others according to the privacy setting selected […]



What is it? Youtube is part video hosting service and part social networking website.  It is a place where individuals and groups can upload videos for others to view and comment about. When a user creates a Youtube account he or she is given a Youtube channel. The user can upload videos to their channel, […]

Youtube/Google Video


What is it? At sites such as Youtube and Google Video, users are provided with a repository for self-created video works. This style of site is open to anyone and encourages social interaction through a system of ratings and comments whereby ‘popular’ or ‘most viewed’ videos may garner increased popularity or acclaim. These sites provide […]