Custom Homepages

What is it? Custom homepages, are user created pages hosted at companies such as and that allow you to have whatever information you want, all on one page. Key features These websites will allow you to quickly and easily view any information, chosen and organized by the user. What information you can see […]


What is it? E-readers are devices that the user can read and/or download e-books.  There are a number of different e-reader devices like the Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader or the Barnes and Noble Nook.  Most of these devices use a technology called digital or electronic ink, making them more easily read in sunlight.  They generally […]


What is it? Evernote is a note collection and organization tool.  Evernote allows you to collect text, image, and sound files and organize them to be able to recall them easily in the future.  Evernote is available for and accessible from the web, personal computer and smartphone (iPhone or Blackberry) Key Features Ability to collect […]

Google Docs

What is it? Google Docs is a Google application that allows you to create and collaborate on documents, slide presentations, spreadsheets and forms. Google Docs allows you to collaborate with friends and colleagues. Any document can be opened to people you invite to the document. This cuts down on the number of versions of a […]


What is it? Omeka ( Oh-mehk-ah) is a free, open-source web publishing system for online digital archives.  This web-based tool allows users to manage digital exhibits.  Omeka can be customized through plugins and themes.  The main purpose of Omeka is to display and organize digital images. Key Features Free and open-source Download and use the […]

Select Survey

What is it? Select Survey is a web-hosted survey software application similar to Survey Monkey.  It allows the user to create forms and surveys for data collection. Key features Accessibility: the user can log in to the service from any computer with internet access. Portability: Export data to CSV format, allowing the user to export […]

Tagging and Bookmarking

What is it? Tagging and bookmarking are methods of categorizing relevant websites in order to be able to find or renavigate to them quickly. Originally, bookmarking was simply a method of storing websites on your personal computer in order to be able to easily return to often used websites and internet services. However, as the […]


What is it? Zotero is a Firefox extension online research tool.  It catalogs, organizes online sources, syncs them across computers, the World Wide Web and helps the user cite the sources. Key Features Automatically capture citations Organize collections with tags Cite from within Word or Neo/OpenOffice Access your library from anywhere How does it work? […]