Classroom Technology

This section looks at the various technologies used in a classroom setting and how they can help you integrate active learning strategies into your course and help record classroom activities for later use by your students and others.

Digital Media

This section provides an overview of digital media tools we use frequently in Instructional Technology projects or that we are exploring as part of our ongoing research into effective technologies for teaching and learning.

Virtual Reality Resources

Google Cardboard Google Cardboard is a virtual reality platform with a very low barrier of entry. It was one of the first ¬†VR platforms released for phones. All you need is a phone and headset. Check out this video for an introduction on Google Cardboard¬† Resources and Tutorials Educational Technology has a number of headsets […]

Web 2.0

“Web 2.0” describes sites that feature user-generated content, increased social interaction between users and participatory functionality such as tagging and ratings. Examples of of Web 2.0 include YouTube, Google Earth, Magnolia and Digg.

Web Authoring

This section provides an overview of tools for creating text or multimedia content for publication to the Web. It can provide you with the information you need to choose the right tool for your particular needs and provide inspiration for future projects.