Digital Stories

In Professor Alison Schmidt’s Spring 2006 class on the Theories & Practicies in Teaching Reading students were asked to create digital stories on their early reading experiences and how those experiences would help them teach reading. Almost all of the students felt that they reflected much more on their experiences in this project than they […]


In the fall of 2007 Prof. Matthew Broda had his students produce Podumentaries. As the name indicates a podumentary is non-fictional audio or video recording exploring a particular topic. Prof. Broda hoped that podumentaries would serve to achieve course learning outcomes, and as outcomes themself. The aim is to develop the capacity of teacher candidates […]

Political Advertisements

With the marked use of the internet and digital technology in the 2008 Presidential Election, Political Science has grown to encompass the evaluation of digital media in the political realm. In the Fall of 2008, College of Wooster students served as political campaign strategists in Prof. Bos’ Media & Politics course.  As a part of […]