“Stories of the Future”- Garage Stories

Saturday, April 27th from 8am to midnight storytellers, developers, artists, and other creatives interested in XR (Extended Reality or an umbrella term for Mixed, Augmented, and Virtual Reality) were brought together at Institute for the Future (IFTF) in Palo Alto, California. Garage Stories is an organization bringing people from various fields together to create and […]

Atomic Learning now available

Wooster has recently partnered with Atomic Learning, an award-winning provider of online technology training and support. Through this partnership, Wooster is able to provide learning opportunities that make it easy for learners of all ages to embrace technology and develop critical skills for success at school, at work, and in life. Research shows 3 out of 4 […]

Birds of a Feather Sessions

We heard from a number of faculty who were very interested in Educational Technology workshops, but were not be able to attend. So we would like to bring the sessions to you as Birds of a Feather sessions. A faculty or staff member can request a Birds of a Feather session by identifying at least four colleagues who are […]

Breaking Language Barriers with Google Translate and AR

Technology has evolved to the point where we can have our phones translating signs and text for us in foreign countries. Google Translate has an AR feature to translate words or sentences scanned with a smartphone camera. This handy tool is great for traveling abroad and new language learners. Do note that this requires downloading […]

Changes coming to voices.wooster.edu

Some changes will be taking place regarding voices.wooster.edu WordPress site. The current Voices server was setup in the summer of 2009 and over the years has accumulated a number of accounts and sites that are no longer used. Since the WordPress platform used for Voices does not have a simple way to remove unused accounts […]

Clicking is Learning?

Educational Technology’s own, Megan Smeznik, wrote an article for the National Council on Public History about the challenges and the opportunities for crafting a digital history pedagogy. She emphasizes in the article about the importance of all those invested in the information community coming together and developing a holistic pedagogy that not only promotes scholarship […]


Not sure how to start that research poster or club advertisement? Start with a coloe scheme! Coolors.co is an easy to use color scheme generator for those who don’t know anything about color schemes. Color schemes set the tone for advertisements, posters, or websites and creates a first impression to your audience. Visit their website […]

Designing Immersive Empathy 360-VR Experiences: A NERCOMP Workshop 2018

NERCOMP hosted a workshop on designing empathic 360-VR experiences for faculty and IT- professionals in higher education at Fairfield University in Fairfield, CT. Immersing Students with Empathy Dr. Milena Batanova is developing empathy workshops for teachers to use in K-12 classrooms. Harvard’s Making Caring Common Project offers resources for teachers and families to show and […]

Dictate with your voice in Word and OneNote online

Use Microsoft’s Dictate tool for speech to text right within Word online or OneNote online. Just be certain you have a microphone input to your computer and log in to your College Office 365 account with a supported browser: On a Mac: use Chrome or Firefox browser (not Safari)  On Windows: use Edge, Chrome, or Firefox […]

Draw Naturally with the Trackpad

In the newest update to the Microsoft software for Mac, you can now draw with the trackpad. Whether you need to sign a document or you want to highlight a particular section in your student’s document, this new function allows another option for digital inking. For more information, visit: What’s new for Office Insiders

Fun in PowerPoint: Updates

Updates will probably soon be rolling out on your device for Microsoft Office PowerPoint. Here is a preview at some new updates that you can expect to see coming your way soon for your Windows or Mac OS. Inserting Online Videos You no longer need a separate plugin for PowerPoint to insert a video from […]

LibriVox: Free Domain Audio Books

Need to listen to a story or play for a class? Want to use the audio for a project or research? You don’t need to open your wallet or ask for permission to use any of it.LibriVox is an archival website containing audio books of plays and stories that are free domain. All materials are […]

Listen Notes

Need a podcast for class demonstration? Or maybe you would like your students to engage with a topic via audio? Then check out Listen Notes. Listen Notes is a search engine just devoted to podcasts. It combs the web and finds that elusive podcast that Google just can’t seem to pull up in their results. […]

Moodle QuickMail block

The Messages portion of Moodle is not available. It was causing problems and has been disabled (it was not available Fall18, either). Solution: Faculty can add a Block to their course called Quickmail and use it to send email messages to their students. Adding the QuickMail block to your Moodle course From your Moodle course, […]

Moodle Tips

Adding students/TAs/other teachers Communicating with your students You can send an email to your class by addressing it to the Moodle shortname for your course in Outlook or Mail, e. g., IDPT-49900-01-1718FA@wooster.edu You can add the Quickmail block to your course and use it from within Moodle You can use the Messages feature of Moodle […]

Museums in AR/VR: Google Arts & Culture

Explore art galleries through your phone without leaving your seat or paying a dime. Using Google Street View, you can take virtual reality tours with your phone and Google Cardboard or Pocket 360 (also known as smartphone VR headsets). Tours appear in a 360 degree photo format with points of interest for viewers to read […]

NCPH Conference Recap

The National Council on Public History conference took place in Hartford, Connecticut March 27-30th. The conference brings together public historians from all over to discuss, workshop, share, collaborate, and much more on challenges and opportunities within the public history field. Digital Public History Lab I feel very lucky to have facilitated a session and participated […]

Ohio 5 New Technologies – New Pedagogies

Student Engagement Read 3 ways to increase student engagement in your classroom Rank the three ways on the provided sticky note Strategies for supporting better student presentations What is Good Presentation design? Plickers quiz Example one PowerPoint Face-to-face presentation: Three Minute Thesis Wooster’s IS Symposium 2017 and Technically Speaking from Denison U. Framing things as a […]

Technology Workshops for Students Sp18

Student Technology Assistants are offering a series of workshops crafted specifically for students. Topics include Unity Game Development, web design, Statistics with R Studio, infographics, 3D modeling and printing, Audacity, I.S. poster and presentations and more. To view workshop details and to register, visit the links below or our Facebook page. Please bring a device to the […]

The Chicago Colloquium on Digital Humanities and Computer Science 2018 at Loyola University Chicago

Loyola University Chicago hosted the DHCS 2018 Conference on November 9th – 11th showcasing graduate and professional scholars in many unique projects in the Digital Humanities.  Below are a few projects that allowed me to bring back new ideas to Wooster. The Muddle Project  Loyola graduate students Taylor Brown and Rebecca Parker introduced and workshoped […]