Designing Immersive Empathy 360-VR Experiences: A NERCOMP Workshop 2018

NERCOMP hosted a workshop on designing empathic 360-VR experiences for faculty and IT- professionals in higher education at Fairfield University in Fairfield, CT. Immersing Students with Empathy Dr. Milena Batanova is developing empathy workshops for teachers to use in K-12 classrooms. Harvard’s Making Caring Common Project offers resources for teachers and families to show and […]

The Chicago Colloquium on Digital Humanities and Computer Science 2018 at Loyola University Chicago

Loyola University Chicago hosted the DHCS 2018 Conference on November 9th – 11th showcasing graduate and professional scholars in many unique projects in the Digital Humanities.  Below are a few projects that allowed me to bring back new ideas to Wooster. The Muddle Project  Loyola graduate students Taylor Brown and Rebecca Parker introduced and workshoped […]

Fall Woodle Information

This summer we have undertaken substantial improvements to woodle in order to increase speed and allow for greater file storage space.  This necessitated making a few changes to the system that impact how you use woodle.   1. Woodle Addresses: There are now two addresses you need to know to access your current and archived […]

Site update

You may notice that the site looks a little different. I have changed the theme a little bit. I did a couple of things. First I changed the site over to the 24 column 960 Grid System. This makes it much easier to layout page templates and such. A side effect of this change is […]

Princeton Kindle Pilot

Princeton’s student newspaper, The Daily Princetonian, recently published an article on their recent campus pilot using the Amazon Kindle in courses.  Although printing was reduced in each class by approximately 50%, both students and faculty found the Kindle limiting.   Despite the Kindle’s environmental friendliness, users said they often found its design ill-suited for class […]

One Laptop Per Child Makes Cuts

In response the the global economic slowdown, One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) has announced major cuts in staff and funding, halving their workforce to 32 and implimenting pay cuts for those remaining. Also announced was OLPC’s intention of discontinuing development of the Linux-based ‘Sugar’ operating system that its signature devices, the XO, run. Instead, Sugar […]

Laptop Use During Class Can Promote Student Engagement

Released today, the 2008 report by The Law School Survey of Student Engagement (LSSSE) has demonstrated that students who use their laptops during class time to review previous lectures, take notes, and reference prepared materials are more likely to engage in classroom discussions, be prepared for class, and “synthesize materials across courses.” Obviously, the focus […]

Adobe Teases us With New Video Editing Prototypes

Video editing is always a bit of a hassle, especially when dealing with more complex editing tasks, such as editing an object or person across multiple frames. This week, Adobe released a short video demonstrating new video editing capabilities that the company has developed in their Advanced Technology Lab, based around the idea of object […]

I’m so Totally, Digitally Close to You

The New York Times recently published a must read article about the “Brave New World of Digital Intimacy”.  Specifically it deals with short blog-like updates on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.  I must confess that I’ve had a Facebook account for over three years (Twitter for about two) but it’s only been in the last […]

Youtube Channel

The Instructional Technology department now has a Youtube Channel! We will be using this space to showcase any department-created video projects related to instructional technologies or topics. Follow this link to visit the channel:

Instructional Technology’s Web site is reborn

You are now on the new home for the Instructional Technology Web site. This site has been built using the WordPress blogging platform. By making clever use of page templates, conditional tests, WordPress template functions, and widgets, we are able to create a dynamic site that requires very little time to update and keep fresh. […]