Adobe Acrobat Reader app

What is it? Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free app for viewing, annotating, and signing PDFs. Download: Adobe Acrobat Reader for iOS at iTunes Adobe Acrobat Reader for Android at Google Play Key Features VIEW PDFs • Quickly open PDF documents from email, the web, or any app that supports “Open In…” • Search, scroll, zoom in and […]

Apple TV

What is it? Apple TV gives you access to the best content — blockbuster movies, TV shows, sports, your music and photos and more and displays it to an HDTV or projector. You can even play content from your iOS device or Mac wirelessly using AirPlay. Key Features Hit movies and TV shows on demand Live […]


What Is It? Audacity is an easy-to-use, open source audio editing software program that is available as a free download. Versions are available for desktop computers that run the Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems. Audacity has a variety of features that can meet the needs of a range of audio recording projects, from a […]

Epson BrightLink interactive projectors

What is it? The Epson BrightLink projector is a short-throw interactive projector.  The projector is mounted on the wall and the lamp is less than three feet from the wall so that a person does not cast a shadow on the image. The image is projected onto the wall or a whiteboard. Two interactive pens allow the […]


What is it? GarageBand is an audio editing software program that is available as part of the Apple iLife suite of applications for Macintosh computers. GarageBand has a variety of features that can meet the needs of a range of audio recording projects, from a very basic short live recording to more elaborate, multi-track projects […]


What Is It? iMovie is a digital video editing software program for Macintosh that is available as part of Apple’s iLife suite. With iMovie, you can import video from several sources (such as a miniDV tape, VHS recording or DVD) or record directly in iMovie using a Web cam. Once you have imported your video […]

Microsoft OneNote app

Microsoft OneNote – lists, photos, and notes, organized in a notebook (*free – use College OneDrive account to sync) Microsoft OneNote for iOS on iTunes Microsoft OneNote for Android on Google Play Capture your thoughts, discoveries, and ideas with OneNote, your very own digital notebook. With OneNote you can seize that moment of inspiration, take your class […]

Notes Plus app

What is it? Notes Plus is a powerful note-taking tool that has enabled many people to go completely paperless. Download Notes Plus from iTunes for $9.99 for iOS Key Features • Outstanding handwriting experience with razor-sharp ink effects, palm rejection, and close-up writing mode for fine writing. • Converting handwriting to text. 52 languages are supported. • […]


What is it? Omeka ( Oh-mehk-ah) is a free, open-source web publishing system for online digital archives.  This web-based tool allows users to manage digital exhibits.  Omeka can be customized through plugins and themes.  The main purpose of Omeka is to display and organize digital images. Key Features Free and open-source Download and use the […]

OneDrive app

What is it? OneDrive app provides access to cloud storage for files & photos associated with the College’s OneDrive for Business and Office 365 service. Download the free app and connect to your College OneDrive account.  OneDrive app for iOS on iTunes OneDrive app for Android on Google Play Key Features OneDrive – Cloud storage for files & […]


What is it? Adobe’s Photoshop is one of the most popular image-editing applications for professionals, available for both Macintosh and Windows. Images are imported from a scanner or opened from an existing file. They can then be cropped, color balanced, reduced/enlarged, lightened/darkened, repaired, combined and more. Text, lines, shapes and (with a pressure-sensitive drawing tablet) […]

Pixabay royalty free photos and videos

Pixabay is a website offering “over 1.3 million royalty free stock photos and videos shared by our generous community.” All contents are released under Creative Commons CC0, which makes them safe to use without asking for permission or giving credit to the artist. with the Microsoft Office plug-in The new Pixabay Word and PowerPoint plug-in lets […]


What is it? Qualtrics software (provided by Qualtrics) is a generalized survey service permitting the creation of survey instruments, distribution of the surveys, data storage and analysis, accessible and performed online right in your browser. Key Features Audio and video presentation Simple intuitive interface for creating and editing questions Collaborate with anyone within and outside […]

QuickTime Player

What is it? QuickTime Player (version 10) is a software application used to play, record, edit, and share audio and video files on your Mac. Key Features Play video Record a movie (including recording the screen of an iOS device connected to the Mac) Record audio only Record your computer screen Edit Share See the […]


What is it? Screenflow is an Apple screen capture application that enables the user to record everything on the screen, computer audio, video from a web camera, and audio from an attached microphone. Key Features User-friendly, intuitive, easy-to-use interface Powerful video editing and annotation tools Multiple video and audio tracks for bringing in other material […]


What is it? Sketchup is a free Google application for drawing three-dimensional objects. Key features A three-axis drawing field Ability to rotate an object and export a 2-D image of the object you have created Various templates for different applications (engineering, architecture, carpentry) Color and texture tools to create building for Google Earth Works on […]