Upcoming NITLE events

  • Doing Digital History with Undergraduates

    May 14, 2014
    Event image How can you mobilize digital skills and tools in the service of learning? Learn from historians as they share their successes and failures in crafting authentic inquiry-based experiences through digital mediums in the undergraduate classroom. (Times EDT)
  • Building a Digital Museum: Opportunities for Scholarship and Learning

    May 13, 2014
    Event image Imagine being able to provide students and researchers access to 50 years of professional art and design artifacts created by renowned New York theatre designer, producer, painter, sculptor, and photographer Peter Wexler. That was the opportunity presented Furman University‚Äôs Digital Collections Center: create the Peter Wexler Digital Museum. Find out how they are tackling this ambitious project, overcoming the challenges it presents, and aligning it with institutional goals. (Times EDT)
  • Capacity Mapping: Re-imagining Undergraduate Business Education

    May 6, 2014
    Event image Majoring in business continues to rise in popularity as industry recruiters, public officials, and parents alike increasingly focus on post-secondary education as preparation for employment. Faced with these market pressures, how might colleges and universities committed to the principles of liberal education respond? In this seminar, Mary Grace Neville, associate professor of business at Southwestern University, shares a framework for undergraduate business education that aims to cultivate high integrity leaders for the 21st century. (Times EDT)


NITLE is a community-based, non-profit initiative dedicated to helping undergraduate-centered colleges, universities, and educational organizations use technology effectively to strengthen undergraduate education. NITLE offers programs for professional development, provides tools for research and collaboration, maintains e-mail lists to aid in the exchange of ideas, and is able to run a number of workshops. Below is a partial list of upcoming activities. The full list can be found on NITLE’s event page. If you are interested in attending an event, you can apply here or contact Wooster’s NITLE liaison.