Moodle 18-19

You may have noticed that the Moodle 18-19 server has been available since April, but in a testing phase until yesterday. As of yesterday, your enrollments and courses should be listed as they are listed with the Registrar. Dealing with discrepancies If you notice that there is a discrepancy in enrollments you should: Check Scotweb to verify […]

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Use video in my teaching

Video can be a powerful tool to engage students and enhance learning in the classroom.  Faculty can integrate video from their own research into lectures or place video in online course materials for students to explore, comment on, or use as a basis for a student research project.  Online collections of video at Wooster or […]

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Ed Tech News

Clicking is Learning?

Educational Technology’s own, Megan Smeznik, wrote an article for the National Council on Public History about the challenges and the opportunities for crafting a digital history pedagogy. She emphasizes in the article about the importance of all those invested in the information community coming together and developing a holistic pedagogy that not only promotes scholarship […]

Highlighted Technologies


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Epson BrightLink interactive projectors

What is it? The Epson BrightLink projector is a short-throw interactive projector.  The projector … [Read More...]