Formatting a double-sided IS

For help on other formatting techniques, visit our I.S. Formatting post. An independent study typically will have the following structure. Front Matter Title page Abstract Dedication (optional) Acknowledgments (optional) Table of Contents List of Figures (if you have figures) List of Tables (if you have tables) Main Matter Introduction Chapters Back Matter Appendices (optional) Bibliography […]

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Use video in my teaching

Video can be a powerful tool to engage students and enhance learning in the classroom.  Faculty can integrate video from their own research into lectures or place video in online course materials for students to explore, comment on, or use as a basis for a student research project.  Online collections of video at Wooster or […]

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Fun in PowerPoint: Updates

Updates will probably soon be rolling out on your device for Microsoft Office PowerPoint. Here is a preview at some new updates that you can expect to see coming your way soon for your Windows or Mac OS. Inserting Online Videos You no longer need a separate plugin for PowerPoint to insert a video from […]

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Windows Story Remix

Windows Story Remix is a new feature in Photos for Windows 10, replacing Windows Movie Mixer that … [Read More...]


iMovie is a digital video editing software program for the Mac and some iOS systems. With iMovie, … [Read More...]

Notes Plus app

What is it? Notes Plus is a powerful note-taking tool that has enabled many people to go completely … [Read More...]